TERA successfully deployed in Sierra Leone

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TERA was successfully deployed in Sierra Leone (Africa) on March 27th completing planned deployment tasks executed in coordination with local telco and IFRC teams, enabling the Red Cross to provide humanitarian help to Sierra Leone´s people through this powerful tool.

TERA deployment was a joint effort between SSI and the Red Cross to input humanitarian help in African countries. Sierra Leone is a country located in the west part of Africa, and unlike Haiti where TERA was used to provide help to people after an earthquake, in Sierra Leone will be used to provide information regarding , health, sanitation, education, etc. contributing humanitarian programs of the Red Cross around the world.

In Sharon Reader words, Red Cross Beneficiary Communicate Delegate: “It’s been a challenging project and it was great to see how enthusiastic the national society was too. Also I wanted to say how impressed I am with the e-learning tool; it’s really well-made and an excellent tool. It will be incredibly helpful for the team here in SL”. In this occasion, TERA training was performed supported by e-learning service provided by SSI.

TERA is an SMS solution with a GIS user interface allowing NGO´s, like the Red Cross, to provide valuable information to affected people. TERA’s success for humanitarian help is based on the multiple alternatives that this solution provides to send early warnings SMS pre and post disasters.

SSI and the Red Cross have planned to deploy TERA on 2013 around the world. Please follow next link to see 2013 rollouts.