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5 key weapons to be a successful IT engineer

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This article shows the main skills that every IT engineer must have to be successful in an organization. As other careers have requirements and needs to be productive in daily journey, IT segment is not different. Actual organizations are every …

The future of data in organizations

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Today we speak of data seen from the point of processing, from the point of view of technology used for analysis or from the point of view of today volume that is generated within organizations. But something is happening even …

ENTEL and the Ministry of Defence of Bolivia signed an agreement to send emergency SMS using TERA application

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State-owned ENTEL signed an agreement with the Ministry of Defense of Bolivia that includes cooperation and technical assistance from both parties to the communication of risk alerts and emergency actions to the population sending text messages (SMS) using the technology of TERA system …

A Guide to Working With Mobile Phone Companies: For Aid Agencies

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Why Use Mobile Phones Mobile phones are a very powerful way of getting aid messages out to the victims of disaster. Well over four billion phones are in use in the world today. Even in economically poor parts of the …

Red Cross and G-Mobile launch SMS system to deliver life-saving information across Mongolia

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Thousands of people throughout Mongolia are set to benefit from a landmark agreement between the Mongolian Red Cross Society and the mobile service provider G-Mobile Mongolia which was announced today in the capital city, Ulan Bator. Under the partnership, the …