Why Salamanca Solutions?

  • Making the difference

    Salamanca Solutions International is very different from other OSS/BSS software companies. Our team was spun off from Trilogy International Partners, the successful, multi-national operator group with operations in challenging markets with offering of world-class wireless communications services.

  • The Benefit of Experience

    We know, from more than 10 years of direct experience in telecommunications that to succeed as a service provider, you must be as efficient as possible. To make that possible we have concentrated on tightly integrated architecture that reduces the time needed for every operation.

  • Fitting the Way You Work

    We have also designed our products to fit with how you work. The direct experience we have working within service providers in challenging, competitive environments means that we fully understand what you need.

  • Making it Practical

    Being both an operator and a developer we have a unique capacity to facilitate business transformation by creating capacity for change in customers operation by taking an active role in current operations and progressing seamlessly through a solution deployment lifecycle.

  • In Safe hands

    We know that your network is unique. However our team has experience in implementation with a wide variety of systems, including Comverse, Nokia, Nortel, Alcatel and Huawei.